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USA business visa categories

Posted by Inder Waraich - Resettlement Solution on Jul 17, 2019 1:05:14 PM
Inder Waraich - Resettlement Solution

Visa categories

Among the various categories of US visa for a green card, here are few which are most sought after and increases your chance to get a green card in the near future.

1. EB-5 visaIt is an investor visa which is also called employment-based fifth preference visa category visa. It has become most sought after visa for both potential US investors as well as US citizenship aspirants.

· An investor is expected to make an investment of $500,000 in high unemployment US region or $1,000,000 in other regions.

· Your business must create at least 10 full time job opportunities in the first two years of starting the business

· You must submit all the details about your financial position including a bank statement, cash liquidity and other assets.

· You need to submit I-526 petition at the time of application.

· After you receive conditional green card apply for I-829 petition to remove conditions form your green card within 2 years.

2. L1 visa: Any company sending it worker to US must apply for this visa category. If your company decides to expand its business in US and wishes to send an existing employee who has full product knowledge then they will have to apply for L1 visa as well. It is a temporary visa which can be extended up to maximum of 7 years.

L1 visa is of two types:

a.)    L1A visa: Professional who are at managerial positions and have been working on senior positions in a company need to apply for L1A visa. They are expected to possess thorough knowledge about their company, its functioning and its administration process.

b.)    L1B visa: Professional who have specialization in a niche stream and are difficult to be replaced in the US are given L1B visa. They are judged on their product knowledge and any research work conducted by them.

3. L2 visa: It is a type of temporary visa and can be extended up to 7 years duration. L2 visa is meant for spouse and children of L1 visa holder and its renewal is dependent on the validity and renewal of parent L1 visa holder’s status.

L2 visa holders get many benefits with their visa. They can pursue any course of their interest in this period or they start a business venture of their own.

To start a business L2 visa holder needs to get Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and a social security number. After which they can commence any business of their interest.

If L2 visa holding kids are below the age of 12 years then they are not allowed to work as per US rules.

If L1 visa holder has applied for a green card then L2 visa holders are also eligible to get a green card.


E2 visa allows an individual to work and establish a business in USA by a investing a minimum amount of $100,000 in new or existing business.  This visa allows the investor and their dependents to stay, live ,work and study in U.S. To qualify under this visa category the country of origin or citizenship of the investor must be listed under treaty of trade of commerce with U.S.A. Along with that there are other crucial factors and documents which needs attention to detail, including business plan, tax, escrow documents. The processing time of E2 visa varies from consulate to consulate and where the visa is filed, on an average it can take up to anywhere between 2 weeks to 4 months.  We have exclusive tie up with a lot of franchise in U.S. and we work on both business models whether it is establishing a new business in U.S. or investing in an existing one . We are happy to help entrepreneurs like you to achieve the your great American dream. Get in touch with one of our E2 visa experts to know more

List of countries United States maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation.


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