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USA investor EB5 visa from Dubai

Posted by Resettlement Solution on Aug 10, 2019 9:37:35 AM
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As a global city, Dubai has made remarkable progress in recent decades and has turned itself as a dream destination for global businesses as well as professional talents from diverse backgrounds. It has been a dream destination for investors over the years and has steadily achieved high economic growth with low inflation. The USA has always remained a hot favourite investment destination for Dubai investors and with pro-investor visa policy, Dubai does have an advantage in investor visa allocation. EB5 visa has been the top choice among the US green card aspirants.

The business acumen of the Dubai investors and business community is very sharp and they have been easily transitioned into an economy which is not dependent on the oil sector alone. At present, Dubai exports to US are valued at $4.6 billion and it involves all major sectors like food, retail, real estate and service industry; hence, it is high time that Dubai investors take their business and service to US clients directly and harness the growth in the US economy.

Governed by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) EB5 visa not only allows an investor to become part of $20 trillion US economy but also allows you to immigrate, live with your family and benefit from US education and healthcare facilities. Come November 2019 and some major changes would come into effect in the existing US EB5 policy.

It is a great time for interested investors to plan their US immigration through EB5 visa option and it can be done with the existing system. With a minimum investment of $1000,000 you can start a venture in US and get a green card as well but under the new system you would be required to invest $1.8 million to be eligible under EB5 visa class.

Immigration solutions:

As an investor visa EB5 is a preferred choice among immigrants due to the many benefits that come with it. Some of the benefits are as follows:

a. Immigration and settle in US with your spouse and kids under the age of 21 years.

b. Invest minimum $1000,000 to be eligible for EB5 visa, if you invest $500,000 in regions with high unemployment you are also eligible

c. You can arrange the investment amount from friends and family as well

d. No minimum qualification is required to be eligible under EB5 visa category

e. Investment amount can be raised by forming a partnership firm

f. Invest directly in US market or through regional centres run by USCIS

g. Invest in sector of your expertise realty, food, hospitality etc

h. Create 10 or more full-time local jobs in 2 years of starting business in US

i. Apply for permanent residency after 5 years of US stay on green card

j. Eligibility to take benefits like healthcare and education just like any other US citizen

k. You can also help your friend and family to immigrate and live in US by sponsoring them

l. Your spouse can also work in US after getting work permit

m. Your spouse is eligible to pursue a course of their choice and work in US

At Resettlement Solutions, we are always ready to assist applicant with their documentation and keeping them updated with new visa rule changes. Our Dubai team has worked hard and successfully helped investors to apply for EB5 visa. Keeping in mind the new visa rule which would be introduced in November 2019, we have started to put extra effort to manage all the applications under the existing visa system. If you are interested to apply for EB5 visa then it is not too late and you can save on minimum investment amount by starting your documentation now.

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