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USA investor EB5 visa from Kuwait

Posted by Inder Waraich - Resettlement Solution on Jul 24, 2019 9:22:01 AM
Inder Waraich - Resettlement Solution

Kuwait is a major economy of the Middle East Asia and over the years, it has added many millionaires from its oil and energy sector. As an economy, it has made a smooth transition from an economy driven by oil and petroleum industry to other sectors as well. Along with a fine economic track record, Kuwait has also immersed various cultures, nationalities and cultures in its multi-cultural and diverse societies. It has allowed industrious and entrepreneurial high net worth individuals to bring fresh business ideas and create wealth in Kuwait, the Middle East and beyond. And what is a better place to do business than the USA!

The investor visa in the US is much sought after especially among those who have sound business acumen and who can endure initial risk-taking for fruitful business results. One such investor visa offered by world’s largest economy is Employment-based category 5 (EB5) visa which gives you an opportunity to get a green card and live and settle in America along with your family.

Despite limited slots of 140,000 green cards each year, a Kuwaiti national has a better chance to get selected by US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) as the applications are lesser as compared to other major economies like India and China. Hence, it is highly advisable to submit your application and take your business venture to a bigger customer base.

The minimum requirements to meet EB5 eligibility are also within any young investor’s reach but it may get changes as the US Senate is considering to change the minimum investment amount and other restrictions imposed on India and China’s skilled workers and entrepreneurs. Some of the major benefits which may help you decide about your EB5 application are presented below.

Immigration solutions:

The EB5 may be the shortest route to get US green card but it is a time-consuming process and most of the applicants prepare their application well in advance. Arranging investment amount, deciding about region, sector and route to invest in the US, incorporating a partnership etc are all big decisions which you may take beforehand or take a call as you move along.

It is always recommended to consider time at a premium and be a little ahead of the curve during application process and take into account following things:

  1. EB5 visa requires you to make $1000,000 investment through your own venture, partnership firm or a USCIS designated regional center. After recent proposal takes effect is adopted then this amount will go up.
  2. The minimum investment amount is $500,000 if you invest in a commercial business project in a region designated as targeted employment area. In such regions, unemployment rate is higher than national average hence the benefit is extended to businesses.
  3. Your business must create at least 10 full-time jobs for the local workforce in first two years of your business entity incorporation.
  4. US economy is huge and expected to cross $22 trillion by 2022 so there is demand for investments in all major sectors through regional centers as well. Be it realty, finance, technology, hospitality etc.
  5. The initial investment amount can be arranged by an individual through gift from family, friends and business associates or by forming a limited liability partnership firm.
  6. There are no minimum educational or professional qualifications required to apply for this visa category. So anyone with minimum English proficiency can get selected easily.
  7. Upon your selection, you get a green card and after meeting all the requirements you can apply for permanent residency in the US after you completer 5 years of stay.
  8. As a green card holder, you are free to migrate to US with your immediate family including your kids below the age of 21 and travel freely within and outside the US.
  9. Your family and kids are eligible to work in US as well after finishing their respective paperwork.
  10. An EB5 visa holder can enrol their kids in US schools and pay fee at par with permanent US residents.
  11. After immigrating to the US, you and your family are free to access and benefit from US healthcare facilities.
  12. Once you get a green card, you can sponsor your friends, family member and business partners under the EB5 visa application process.

As your immigration partner, Resettlement Solution Kuwait strives to provide you with all the major updates about the US immigration trends, policies and documentation. We believe in taking pride in the success of our esteemed clients and treat each application as special and unique. It is our endeavour to pay attention to each detail in your documentation and assist you in submitting all your documents in the prescribed format. Our young and energetic team is always on their toes to make sure your application reaches the immigration department within the timeframe.

For any further details and queries please feel free to drop a message to our Kuwait team at:

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