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USEb5 - your path way to green card by investment

Posted by Inder Waraich - Resettlement Solution on Jul 17, 2019 1:21:14 PM
Inder Waraich - Resettlement Solution

USA investor EB5 visa from Doha, Qatar.

Qatar is known for its rich oil and natural resources and the Gulf nation has been one of the shining economies of the region. Over the years, Qatar high net worth individuals and businesspersons have looked at the United States Green Card.  Every year the United States gives out 1,40,000 green cards with each country having a separate quota for each country among the various categories of employment-based visas issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service Employment based fifth preference visa also called immigrant investors visa is considered a fast paced method to receive the coveted US green card and permanent residency. With an investment of as little as $500,000 one can start a business and get US EB-5 visa too.
Among the many benefits of US green card, some of the most talked benefits are an opportunity to settle with your family in the United States, travel freely to any part of the world, invest and run a business anywhere in the United States and get all the social welfare benefits run by the United States government.
As a nation, Qatar generates substantial revenue for its businesses and investors and most of whom look for investment options beyond the Gulf region. The presence of expatriates in Qatar is also a reason why the nation boasts of concentration of investors with ample amount of money looking to invest in US businesses.
Due to its the smaller size of population and lesser applicants, Qatar residents have a better chance to get US green card and unlike big countries India and China, who have thousands of backlog applications, Qatar resident will have to wait for a shorter time to get a green card.

Immigration solutions:
The US EB-5 visa application process can be long and it is highly advisable for a candidate to start preparing their application in advance. Since it is an investor visa it is important to do thorough research about the sector you choose to invest in.
· All the major business sectors in Qatar are commercially viable in the US as well so you may set up business in your area of interest and something you specialize in.
· It is not necessary to start a business as an individual and even if you set up a business partnership company you can apply for an EB-5 visa.
· The investment amount is $500,000 and $1,000,000 and you are required to maintain a healthy bank balance and liquidity to obtain the visa. We anticipate that the investment amount will significantly go up as, On June 27, 2019, OMB has finalized its review of the proposed regulation and made various substantive changes which will effect the investment amount (click here to learn more)
· Your investment would be channelled through USCIS regulated regional centre.
· After you selection under EB-5 visa you will get a conditional visa with a validity of up to 2 years. It clears your way to get a green card.
· You can move to the US and live with your spouse and children below the age of 21.
· After staying in the US for 5 years you can apply for a green card.
· Once you are settled in the US you can help your other family members to apply and migrate to the US.
Resettlement Solution Qatar works as a facilitator and mentor to every applicant and makes sure that your application reaches the applicant pool within the specified limit. As our esteemed client, we also adopt a handheld approach by informing you about all the fine details of US visa application procedure and ensure that you meet all requirements. It is our endeavour that every application going through our office has the best shot in getting an EB-5 visa.


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